Board of Directors                                                                  

The Board of Directors are elected by all those present at the annual reunion.  The four chairs  which expire and corresponds with the calendar year in which the reunion is taking place will be elected at a business meeting on the Saturday of that years reunion. To qualify to be a member of the Board of Directors an individual must have attended at least one previous reunion. Additionally the nominee is encouraged to have a working email address as some housekeeping business and information is sent by email.

All serve at the pleasure of the board of directors.  The President – Elect serves for three years as 1) President-Elect, 2) President, and 3) Past President. All others are confirmed annually.

Current Officers                                                  Bylaws              Terms of Office

President                     Lanny Bland                                      

Past President             Charles Lewis Bland

Secretary                     Barbara Bland

Treasurer                     Linda Verbeck Ludecke

Historian                      Charles Lewis Bland
                               Board of Director             Term*         Family Line             States            
Board Chair #1        Lanny Bland                      2018          2-5C-6A & 11           Tennessee     

Board Chair #2        Richard Parks Bland IV     2018          2-5C-6A                     Colorado

Board Chair #3        Linda Bland                       2018         wife of Ed 2-5B            Illinois

Board Chair #4        Linda Verbeck Ludecke     2018          2-5A-6B                     Texas

Board Chair #5        Ann Bland Hartman                              2-5A-6B                     Georgia       

Board Chair #6         Alice Napier                                        2-5A-6B                     Texas                                   

Board Chair #7         Tom Bland                                          2-5A-6A                      Virginia    

Board Chair #8          Terese Bland Bueker                         32-Tarlton Bland          Carolina/Texas

Board Chair #9          Charles Allen Bland         2016          2-5A-6B                       Texas

Board Chair #10        Bertha Dunn                    2016          2-5A-6A                       Florida    

Board Chair #11        Charles Lewis Bland       2016           2-5A-6B               N.Carolina/New York

Board Chair #12        Barbara Bland                 2016         1- James River               Virginia

Member Emeritus       Pat Bland Marsh                               2-5B-6A                       Kentucky

*Serves until the end of the last activity of the Saturday night of the Bland Heritage Foundation National Conference and Family Reunion  in the year specified.

Nominations should be given to the Past President  by 1 PM on the Saturday of the voting. 

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