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The codification of all known Bland families residing in the United States, of which the two major families (#1 and #2) trace their roots to England in the 1500's.  The codification was established by BHF Genealogist Charles L. Bland and provides a means by which living Blands can identify their living blood relation, as well as easily determine their ancestors.
Among Cousins
The periodic newsletter written by BHF Genealogist, Charles L Bland.  The volumes serve as supplemental material (changes and updates) to his 1982 book, "A Vision of Unity - The Bland Family in England and America".
Personal Bland Websites
Websites set up by members of the Bland community displaying genealogical research. Please contact us for information about adding your site.
This is an online message board and genealogy community.
Bland Genealogical Database
It is very important that your Bland family genealogy is included in the BHF database. Go to this page to find out how you can contribute your work to the Bland Family tree.
Distance Cousins
Provides free access to numerous Bland resources including City Directories, Census, Military Records, Death Records, and a Bland genealogy inquiry search board.
Bland at Rootsweb
A cornucopia of Bland data.  Please remember, entries may not always be based on "original source" material.
Bland Family Court and Bible Records 
Compiled by May Jassamine Bland James in 1966
of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War
Search 117.2 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:
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